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Nov. 27th, 2012

dated 2012 so it stays on top.

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If you're a friend of mine without a journal
Let me know if you want to read it and I'll send it to you.

'Cause I don't actually know if you do or not, or if you even care.
Going to Boston on Saturday for a few days with SPC.
I can't believe I'm actually going, that I'm going to see snow.
I'm going to be freezing my ass off, and I can't wait.

What is it about this journal that made me give up? Eh.
I'm slacking off in school. What a big surprise. All it takes is a little discipline,
but I guess I'm incapable of that, no matter how much I berate myself.
Midterm tomorrow. Have I studied? No. And why the hell is there a midterm
a month into class anyway, is she insane?

In other news, after this week I am no longer working at The Container Store.
(I've been working there since November.) And they've been trying to milk
me for all I've got. I said no after they rammed me in the ass a couple times.
Luckily, I've still got Starbucks (if you can call that lucky.) Getting shitty wages,
but I suppose it's something.


I've got two episodes of Smallville to watch so that I can be caught up.
I started watching Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman, too. Old school.
It's so cheesy, and so so good.
I'm deleting practically everyone.
Comment to be added back, please.

I've never done this. Truth is, I think I have too many people on my list.
And I think cutting down might help me come to terms with the
fact that I have strangers who don't care about me reading about
my life. I barely write in here as it is, but a select few who I've stuck
around with will stay around. Comment back though, and I'll know
you're interested and I'll add you back. Thanks for understanding.

Oct. 7th, 2005

jentle died in August.

I loved that girl.
I had been waiting for her to post,
until I found out today that she died the day after she updated last.
It's unfair. She was beautiful and intelligent. It bothers me
how we never got to talk on the phone, 'cause at first I didn't
have long distance and then 'cause we'd miss each other
(I still have her number.) Only the good die young.
R.I.P Jennifer Lynn Galbraith

Sep. 7th, 2005

I cut 36 people.
Deleted the ex-boyfriend/being fat entry 'cause you know...
Livejournal happens. Things get messed up. Entries show that aren't supposed to.
So I'd rather avoid those kinds of problems.

Countdown 'til the last day of work: 9 days.

May. 21st, 2005

I saw Alec (Amanda's brother) and Marcos at Starbucks today. That was so great... I miss my little brothers, it's sad we don't hang out anymore. The group deteriorated pretty quickly... at least I do keep in touch with Matt and Joe sometimes (he even went to my job for like an hour the other day). After I left, I called Adrian (Amanda's other brother) to say hi and to call me up sometime, and I got Alec's number to tell him the same, 'cause his other friends were there and they wanted to leave.

Also, when Alec and Marcos were leaving, Steffy and Bear were standing sort of next to me as I was talking, and I felt these people staring at me and when I look I was like holy shit Steffy! I hadn't seen Steffy since sometime senior year, if that! She hugged me and got my number down and said she'd call me tomorrow, so hopefully she will.

I also called King and Tammy while at work (today was a reunion). I called King 'cause I hadn't seen her/talked to her since that day Mike, her and I went to Hollywood. I got to talk to her finally, she said she was happy I called and that hopefully tomorrow we can do something, even though I've got Starbucks right in the middle of my day (from like 4-8:30 or something.) We caught up on the current situation of a certain person we know, and I'm glad she doesn't fall for the facade. I thought today was going to suck, but it didn't, I worked with cool people and Ariel came back from Prague today after his 3 week vacation and he is my favorite co-worker so I was a happy girl. That reminds me, I also have to call Nellie (Nat.) Yay! I'm off, I gotta go do girly stuff that I never do.

Picture of a couple people I'm talking about. I only have one tangible picture of Adrian and Alec, and I don't have a scanner, but them and the people listed below, among a few others, are people I will always care about.Collapse )

May. 7th, 2005

These fucking kids with ADD. Their eyes start to wander 30 seconds into your story.

I don't know one person in my life who can't just LISTEN to me
without waiting for their turn to speak.

Apr. 22nd, 2005

If you're not from South Florida, you probably won't care lol

I can't believe I posted this all over LJ except here.Collapse )

Mar. 22nd, 2005

Anybody want to go with me to the Improv Comedy Club
in the Grove tomorrow night? My friend is performing. I need
some peoples to go with me? :)


eternal sunshine
in love with love, not with you♥

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